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Africa Safari Holidays

Family Holidays in Uganda

Create your special family memories today; imagine playing with your kids, watching them swim, discovering new places, going on a safari to watch wildlife, visiting museums and zoos, going on nature walks, playing family golf tournament, swimming with dolphins, horse riding, hiking among many other family holiday activities in Uganda.

Check out some of our Ugandan Family packages below or contact one of our holiday experts, to structure a family holiday for you.

family holidays in Uganda

Family holiday in Uganda

A well planned family holiday would not only strengthen the bond between family members, but would also leave great memories for the family to forever cherish. Imagine watching your kids learn how to swim, wind surfing, water skating or going on a safari watching thousands of birds and wild animals, discovering new places and boat tour of Lake Victoria or the Nile River. Uganda has so much to offer families.

Whether you’re looking for a large family villa to accommodate the whole family or a hotel with facilities to please the adults and the kids, Uganda has it all; from luxury hotels with Kids’ Clubs that keep the kids busy to allow the adults sometime alone, to Lodges that are surrounded by a wealth of attraction for the family to explore or a beachfront family resort with lots of family activities.

What to do on Family Holiday

  • Going on Family Safari
    A family safari holiday could be full of excitement for Kids; hand feeding giraffes and stroking young baby elephants in protected Zoos, discovering wild animals on a hot air balloon flight or on a game drive, going on a guided bush walk led by an armed guide and visiting a the traditional villages.

    Not only, will a well planned family safari be an unforgettable and exciting, but will also be very safe and educative to the young once; who have fresh minds and want to learn about Africa and its environs. Some of the major place for a family safari in Uganda would include the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo, Murchison Falls national Park, Tour Lake Victoria and Victoria Nile or visit Kibale National Park and Bwindi National Park for Gorilla and Chimps trekking for families with kids who are over 18 years.

    As we all know, children tend to get bored from doing one thing for long; at Kentz Safaris, we try to mix the game drive with other activities like horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, playing family football, tennis, picnics and so on.

    A family safari has no age restrictions, but we at Kentz safaris recommend that families with kids between 0 – 5 year should avoid the long safari drives, and engage in short trips to animal orphanage, museums, zoos and other attractions that are close to your hotel.

  • Family Beach Holiday
    Uganda is a landlocked country with a few beaches along the shores of Lake Victoria and on its Islands. The beaches are convenient for weekend beach vacations, family getaway, fishing or water sporting tours.

    Along the Lake's shores, there are luxury family resorts and villas that are strategically located on the lake-front and have plenty of Kids facilities. Entebbe town and Kampala city, are just a short drive to the Lake and provide a wide range of family hotels that you can also choose to live in while on a beach holiday in Uganda.

  • Other Outdoor Activities
    The nice warm climate in Uganda, gives families a perfect opportunity to have; family day trips, picnics and excursions to major towns, lakes, mountains, museums, theaters and other major attractions in Uganda.

When is the best time for a Family Holiday in Uganda?

Uganda is generally sunny and relatively dry throughout the year, the long rains are between March-May and the short rains in November-December; due to the climate change, the amount of rainfall may vary year to year, so kindly check with us for an upto date weather information.

On a normal day, the eastern parts of Uganda; Bwindi Forest, Kibale forest and Queen Elizabeth national park regions; are generally warm during the day with below 27°C and cooler during the nights ( temperature below 16°C). On the southern regions (around Lake Victoria, Entebbe), the normal days are generally humid, with cool breezes from the lake, that makes it comfortable. The central and western regions, the days are generally warm and dry.

With this in mind, we can say the best times for family holiday, is during the summer (June – September) or January to March when it’s sunny and dry. For short holidays would also include Christmas and Easter holidays.


In most family hotels and Lodges, their meals are usually prepared early to allow the kids to eat and sleep early. For special diet, an advance notice is required to allow enough time to prepare the meals. The Hotels menus have a wide variety of delicious meals available, from the African cuisine, Indian buffet to the western breakfast.

Health requirements

There are no vaccination required for families to travel in Uganda, except from countries with certain outbreaks; but we strongly advise our clients to take an anti malaria vaccine/tablets or visit their personal doctor for proper information. This information may change depending with the health departments in Uganda, kindly check with your local Ugandan embassy or Contact us for an update health requirements.

Family Holidays Packages

Family Safari Holiday

Family Safari Holiday

8 days Family holidays

Family safari holiday to Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo; driving from Kampala to Murchison Falls national park; where you will spend the two days on game drive, boat ride and nature walks, and then transfer to Queen Elizabeth to watch more wildlife, before winding up at

Tour Cost From

$ 2,500

Booking Details

Family Safari Holiday

Family Safari Holiday

6 days Family holidays

This a 6 days family safari holiday to Lake Mburo and  Queen Elizabeth; driving from Kampala to Lake Mburo; where you will spend the two days on game drive, boat ride and nature walks, and then transfer to Queen Elizabeth to watch more wildlife. It’s a great itinerary

Tour Cost From

$ 1,910

Booking Details

Hotels in Uganda

Whether it’s a holiday with your family, friends or a business trip; Uganda offer a great range of luxury accommodation, from the prestige 5 star Hotels, Lodges and Camps, to lesser remote tented camps and hostels. May it be a wildlife safari holiday, Gorilla and Chimps trekking, Water rafting and tour of River Nile or a business trip you are after; there is always accommodation for you. Check out some of the hotels below or contact our holiday experts to find you accommodation that suits you.

Hotels in Bwindi

Hotels in Bwindi

There are plenty of Hotels, Lodges, Tented camps and Camping sites at Mbwindi National Park; accommodation ranges from top luxury 5 star hotels, private excluded bush lodges to budgeted camping

More Hotels in Bwindi

Hotels in Kampala

Hotels in Kampala

Kampala offers various type of accommodation, whether you are on transit, on a safari holiday, city tour or on a business trip; from the top luxury hotels and lodges to

More Hotels in Kampala

Hotels in Kibale

Hotels in Kibale

Find your Chimpanzee trekking, photography tour or bird watching holiday accommodation at Kibale national park; accommodation ranges from top luxury 5 star hotels, private excluded bush lodges to budgeted camping

More Hotels in Kibale

Hotels in Murchison Falls

Hotels in Murchison Falls

There are plenty of Hotels, Lodges, Tented camps and Camping sites at Murchison Falls National Park; accommodation ranges from top luxury 5 star hotels, private excluded bush lodges to budgeted

More Hotels in Murchison Falls

Hotels in Queen Elizabeth

Hotels in Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth national park has a wide range of accommodation for holiday makers, whether it’s a group, family or individual wishing to watch wildlife and the beautiful landscapes. Accommodation ranges from

More Hotels in Queen Elizabeth

some of the tips to know before your family safari holiday in Uganda

  1. There are some free time in between the game drives, Take some playing games, books or cards; for the kids to use during the down time.
  2. It is always nice to be adventurous, there are so many family activities available that children love to engage in.
  3. in order for you to enjoy, we advice our clients not to rush; spend at least two to three nights per safari camp and don't try to do too much on a single family holiday.
  4. When planning your safari, try combine a couple of safari camps, that way you will view different attractions in Africa.
  5. If time allows, spend the last few nights on the beach, its a nice way to cool down and dust off after a safari.
  6. Besides the personal supplies, other important supplies would include painkillers, Sun cream, insect repellents, a wildlife book if you love reading, binoculars, a Sun hat and a camera with a spare memory card.
  7. for the kids, it is always nice to have a small rucksack for each child, the kids pack their small stuff to use while on a game drive.


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