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Birding in Uganda

Major birding in Uganda is found in South and Western parts of Uganda, this include; the Lake Victoria region, Lake Mboru, Bwindi and Kibale Forest, along the Nile River, around Mount Elgon, around the Ruwenzori Mountains, in Murchison national park and in Queen Elizabeth national park. Check out some of our sample birding packages below or contact one of our holiday expert, to plan your birding tour in Uganda.

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Where to find which birds

Major birding in Uganda is done along the western and southern corridor; there are several lakes, rain-forests, rivers and national parks that provide great conditions for bird foraging and breeding. Lake Mburo, Lake Kyoga, Lake Albert, Lake Edward and Lake George are well known as home to a large number of Greater and Lesser Flamingos, herons, egrets, Kingfishers, geese, storks, eagles, cranes, African fish Eagle, Cranes, kingfisher, Bustard among many others. On Lake Victoria you will sport birds such as Papyrus Gonolek, Hammerkops, Herons, and Jacanas, pelicans, long tailed cormorant, little bittern, heronegrets, storks, sacred ibis and gallinules among many others.

The wildlife national parks are home to a good number of birds who hugely depend on the predator making a kill, so they can feed on the leftovers and the dead animals; this include birds such as the Eagles, Vultures, Scavengers and many others. On the highlands you will spot the endangered bird’s species like the Sharpe’s Long claw, Ox-peckers, snowy white Egrets, brilliant Sunbird, bustards, Green Ibis, Rufous Sparrowhawk, Mountain Buzzard, Crowned Eagle, Bronze-naped Pigeon, Red-fronted Parrot, Hornbills,Tinker birds, Abyssinian Ground Thrush, Sharpe's Long claw and Chestnut-winged Starling. And on the woodlands, you'll easily spot birds species such us the Bee-eaters, Drogues, Hornbills, Shrikes, the beautiful Lilac-breasted Roller, Barbets, Guinea Fowl and so on.

The best time for Birds watching

The best time for birds watching in Uganda is between October and April when more than 600 birds species migrate from the Northern hemisphere (Europe and Asia), this when the highest number of birds species are recorded.

Between April and October the birds are fewer, some birds migrate from the Southern hemisphere to Uganda and it is also the breeding period for most birds. Eagles, Vultures and Scavengers can be easily spotted in large number between January - June in most national parks and reserves; here the birds come to feeds on the predators leftovers or the dead animals.

Birds watching Guides

Numerous local birding guides are available near the birding areas or in hotels and Lodges; they are well trained with enough knowledge about the area and best places to spot most birds, using guides increases your chances of viewing more birds’ species.

Although a two or three days birding safari will guarantee you to view a certain number of species; we usually advice our clients to take longer trips of 7-10 days  in order to view the maximum number of birds species available.

Birds to watch in Uganda

Uganda is home to millions of birds, whether you want to spot the flamingos, Ostrich, Pelicans, starlings, weaver birds, Skimmers, woodhoopoes or other lesser birds; Uganda is the place to be. Below are some of the top Birds to watch in Uganda. Contact any of our safari experts to help you plan your dream Bird watching holiday in Uganda.


Uganda top birding places and tour packages

They are large water birds with a pouch under their beak. Other members include the Pelecaniformes with webbed feet and four toes. Pelicans have 8 different species worldwide; the two common pelican species found in Uganda are the Great white pelican and the Pink-backed pelicans.


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The hammerkop is a medium-sized bird with a long shaggy crest and have a hammer like shaped head. Also known as hammerhead stork, anvilhead, umber bird or tufted umber; it's a wading bird that lives in wetlands areas. In Uganda it can be spotted in...


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The shoebill also known as whalehead or shoe-billed stork, is a very large stork-like bird, found on wetlands and on the floating vegetation. It's name was derived from its massive shoe-shaped bill. In Uganda it can be spotted in...



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Starling is an East African endemic species, found in open and wooded grassland with baobab trees. Starlings have a large range, with an estimated global Extent of Occurrence of about 140,000 km. It’s endemic in Uganda and Kenya....

Ducks, Geese, Swans

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This are Anatidae type of birds that include ducks, geese and swans. These birds have webbed feet, flattened bills and feathers that are excellent at shedding water due to the oily coating. There are 131 species worldwide and 23 species that are found in Uganda.

Secretary Bird

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The secretary-bird is a very large, prey type of bird with long legs, wings and a tail; it is easily distinguished from other raptors by its long crane-like legs. It's an endemic bird in Africa and is usually found on the open grasslands and the open savannah in the sub-Saharan region.


Weavers Birds

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They are small passerine birds related to the finches, with rounded conical bills. They are commonly seen on garden searching for vegetable, seeds and insects. There are several places to spot weaver birds in Uganda, this includes....


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It’s one of the most famous birds’ species in Africa; they are part of the ratites family, flightless birds. It’s the tallest and heaviest bird capable of carrying human beings; also used for leather, meat and feathers production.


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Bustards are large terrestrial birds mainly associated with dry open country and steppes in the Old World, they are omnivorous and nest on the ground. They are commonly found on dry areas or after rains on the south eastern and central highlands.



Types of birds to watch on a holiday in Africa

They are aquatic birds found on lakes, rivers and vegetation areas; they like feeding on prawns, crabs and insect larvae. Their sexes are similar and they nest in holes, they are said to be monogamous and territorial. There are 93 species worldwide and 13 species which occur in Uganda.

Bitterns, Herons, Egret

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The Ardeidae bird family contains the bitterns, herons and egrets. Herons and egrets are medium to large wading birds with long necks and legs. Bitterns tend to be shorter necked and more wary. There are 61 species worldwide and 17 species which occur in Uganda.


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It’s a very beautiful bird that leaves on the wetlands in Uganda; it is renowned for its elaborate displays where pairs engage in bowing, head bobbing and energetic dancing. There are 15 species worldwide and 2 species which are found in Uganda.



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Flamingos are large pink or red-colored wading birds known for their long legs, they are six types of flamingos and only two are found in Uganda; the Greater Flamingo and Lesser Flamingo. They live in estuaries and saline or alkaline lakes.

Hawks, Kites, Eagle

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Accipitridae birds of prey, that include hawks, eagles, kites, harriers and the Old World vultures. They have powerful hooked beaks for tearing flesh from their prey, strong legs, powerful talons and keen eyesight. There are 233 species worldwide and 60 are found in Uganda.


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They are wading birds with long legs, neck and bills and a striding gait. They are mostly silent with a bit of bill clattering at the nest, its a migratory bird with 19 species worldwide and 8 of them can be spotted in Uganda.



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They small passerine birds which feed on nectar and insects, they have short wings that help them fly fast, direct and can hover like the hummingbird for sometime while taking nectar. There are 131 species worldwide and 39 of them can be found in Uganda.


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They are small birds that resemble the Hoopoes with their short rounded wings and the long curved bills that is used to probe insects. Woodhoopoes are also related to the kingfishers, rollers and hoopoes. There are 8 species worldwide and 6 of the can be spotted in Uganda.


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Rollers are small in size and closely related to the kingfishers and the bee-eaters. They are seen in various colours with two inner front toes that are connected and third outer one that help to hold on tree branches. There are 12 species worldwide and 6 are found in Uganda.


Note: This just a small fraction of birds in Uganda, on a bird watching or photography tour; be sure to watch hundreads more bird species.


Birding in Uganda

Birding in Uganda

Uganda Bird watching

This a 9 days pure Birds watching, Primates trekking and safari holiday in Uganda, that begins and ends in Kampala; the tour begins by visiting Kibale forest to watch chimps and the beautiful birds, then proceed to Queen Elizabeth National park, Gorilla and birds watching at Bwindi forest

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