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Top Holiday Activities in Uganda

Uganda has so much to offer holiday makers, whether it’s a wildlife watching Safari with activities such as; safari game drive, Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking, Horse riding safari, walking safari, hot air balloon safari, Camel riding safari, bird watching and photography safari or it's a Beach holiday full of water sport activities, such as sailing, surfing, deep see diving and fishing, water rafting, bungee jumping, or it's a more Adventurous tour with a mixture of activities such as hiking and mountain climbing, mountain biking, golfing among many others.

Safari Holiday Activities

At Kentz Safaris we have a whole host of Safari and Adventure activities included in our holiday packages, we also have well trained guides and trainers to ensure you enjoy your holiday in Uganda. To explore your desired activity, you can either book a whole package with us or select a few activities to plan your own personalized Safari Holiday.

Safari holiday on game drives

Open roof 4*4 safari

Safari holiday is no doubt a major attraction in Africa, millions of local and international tourist visit Africa to experience the beauty of wildlife Safari. A safari in an Open Roof 4x4 car/truck, is basically touring major national parks to watch wildlife in a spacious raised open roof car, with stunning view over the wilderness.


Hot air balloon flights in Uganda

Balloon Safari

Hot Air Balloon flight safari is a unique way of viewing wildlife beneath you while flying quietly above the beautiful open plains, full of wildlife. The pilot usually narrates about the history of the sceneries, animals and birds beneath you. The flight is usually followed up with a nice well set bush breakfast.


family safari holiday activities

Camel Riding Safari

Ride a Camel to explore wildlife in Africa, in small secure group; have an Eco-adventure through the national parks and wildlife conservancies to watch wildlife and enjoy the wonderful sceneries. You can also have a morning, Pre-Sunset or Sunset Camel Tour along the beautiful landscapes of Uganda.


Uganda safari holiday outdoor activities

Horse Riding Safari

Horse riding safari is another special way of exploring and enjoying Africa, imagine riding across the open plains of Queen Elizabeth national park or Murchison Falls; watching giraffes, antelopes, wildebeest and zebras, elephants, buffaloes among many other wildlife.


Walking safari holiday in Uganda

Walking Safari

Walking safari is one way to experience wilderness and nature more intimately, the cool quiet nature walks through the wilderness with birds chirping, trees whistling and animals’ grazing leaves you with a refreshing exhilarating experience. All walks are accompanied by armed, experienced guides and game rangers.



Boat Safari

Explore and get close to wildlife on a Boat ride; a boat cruise through Nile Rivers, Lake Victoria or on other major Lakes and rivers; does gets you close to wildlife, nature and the beautiful sceneries of Uganda.


Uganda Bird watching safari

Bird Watching Safari

Beside the stunning national parks full of wild animals, Uganda is also blessed with a wide variety of bird’s species; on a good trip you can spot over 300 bird’s species. The best places for bird watching is around major Lakes, national parks, forests and rivers.


Luxury safari holidays in Uganda

Flying Safari

Fly Safari is a more luxury way of covering a large area, while watching wildlife and the beautiful landscapes. It’s a faster way to explore major attractions in Uganda and can be combined with other safari activities to maximize your holiday in Uganda.


Uganda photography tour

Photography safari

With the wide range of top destinations full of wildlife throughout the year, the epic impenetrable forests, hills and mountains, the mighty Nile river, lakes, the rich cultures and traditions; all this joined together with our professional photographers make up a great photography tour.


holidays in Uganda

Butterflies watching safari

If you love watching nature full of beautiful butterflies and other insect, there are a couple of nice places along the Ugandan mountains and forests with plenty of insect species. A butterfly watching safari can be combined with a Gorilla or primates trakking to maximize your holiday in Uganda.


Uganda sporting holiday

Camping and Overland Safaris

An Overland safari combines several activities as you tour multiple countries in Africa; it’s the most affordable way to see the best of Africa, it allows you to experience different cultures and traditions, watch a wide range of wildlife, outstanding sceneries and beaches; accommodation is mostly on camping.


Beach and Water Sport Activities

At Kentz Safaris we have a whole host of Beach and Water sport activities included in our holiday packages, we also have well trained guides and trainers to ensure you enjoy your holiday in Uganda. To explore your desired activity, you can either book a whole package with us or select a few activities to plan your own personalized Safari Holiday.

sailing trips Uganda

Dhow sailing

Dhow sailing is one of the oldest and most traditional Arabian way of sailing along the Indian Ocean, its an adventurous way to explore the islands and can be combined with other activities like Kayaking, surfing, fishing and diving. It’s Ideal for families or group of friends.


Wind Surfing and Kite surfing activities Uganda

Wind Surfing and Kite surfing

There are a couple of places along the Ugandan Lakes that you can enjoy your surfing holiday, this include visiting Lake Victoria. It’s an extreme sport that provides limitless thrills and excitement.


Kayaking and Canoeing trips Uganda

Kayaking and Canoeing

There are many places in Uganda to enjoy your canoeing or kayaking skills; the major places would include visiting Victoria Nile for river kayaking or Lake Victoria for Lake Kayaking..


Water rafting trip

Water Rafting

Water rafting combines the sport adrenaline adventure, sightseeing and game viewing; the perfect place for water rafting is along the Nile River through Jinja or Murchison Falls, its a more of combined boat safari and water rafting in Uganda.


Kid’s holiday activities

At Kentz safaris we take pride in providing family friendly holidays in Africa, we understand the care needed when on holiday with children. From the moment you touch down to the last minute, our team of friendly professional staff will be there to make sure you have a memorable time in Africa. Whether it’s a wildlife Safari, Beach vacation or on a Gorilla trekking adventurous; there will be an activity for you and you’re Kids. Below are some of the kids holiday activities in Uganda.


Uganda family safari holidays

Safari Activities

On a safari holiday, there lots of activities for kids to enjoy; this include wildlife watching, secure nature walks, family picnics, photography sessions, cultural visits, bicycle riding, horseback riding, trekking and hiking, boat trip among others. There are also hotel with fun clubs with plenty of Kids facilities.


Uganda adventurous family holiday

Adventurous Activities

For more adventurous families, they can go for a guided mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking, nature walks, camel riding trips, water rafting and kayaking trips. This is not for kids under 12 years.

Other Holiday Activities

At Kentz Safaris we have a whole host of holiday activities that are included in our holiday packages and well trained tour guides and trainers to ensure you enjoy your holiday in Uganda. To explore your desired activity, you can either book a whole package with us or select a few activities to plan your own personalized Holiday. Below are more holiday activities, that can be added to a Safari, Beach or Mountain climbing holiday in Uganda.


sport holiday, Golfing tour in Uganda


Golfing in Uganda is so diverse and exciting; it could be in one of the big cities or along the stunning views of the Great Rift Valley or close to Nile River or near Lake Victoria. A golf vacation can be combined with other beach or Safari activities to maximize your holiday in Uganda.


high altitude training activities

High altitude training

For Athletes who want to enhance their athletics skill, Uganda hosts some of the best high altitude training venues and camps in Africa, with altitude over 2500m above the sea level, you can be sure to reap the benefit of the high altitude training camps.


Charity and volunteering holidays

Charity volunteering

For those who love to tour as well as volunteer in charity work, you can join us twice every year (April before Easter and December before Christmas). We visit less privileged communities in the country, interact with them and assist them in the little way we can.

Holiday Activities Tips

In order to ensure you enjoy your desired holiday activities in Uganda, we encourage travelers to ensure they are physically fit in regard to the type of activity they choose and have a physical checkup before traveling.

Other tips would include:-

  • For extreme activities, we strongly advice to take a policy cover that suite your activity.
  • Don’t choose an activity that is beyond your capability
  • If you are an independent traveler, make sure you have all the required equipment and always carry an emergency number just in case of anything.
  • If you are planning to hire equipment, make sure they are in good condition and safe.
  • If you are traveling through a tour operator, make sure they have a good reputation and knowledge about the activity.
  • Take your time to select an activity that is right for you, your family or friends.


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