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Lake Voctoria

Lake Victoria is the Largest Lake in Africa and second largest in the world (by surface area); it was named after the British Queen Victoria in the 18th Century , the Lake is the main source of river Nile and is shared by three countries (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda). Attraction in the area includes; boat tours, fishing trips, bird watching tour, visit to Kagelo Village (Obama’s ancestral home) among many other.

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About Lake Victoria and Lake Tour

About Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is a huge lake located in east central Africa along the equator and is shared by three countries; namely Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. It is Africa's largest lake, with a surface area of 68,800 square kilometers and second largest freshwater lake in the world, after Lake Superior in North America.

Lake Victoria is relatively shallow for its surface area, it has an average depth of 40m and a maximum of 84m; it is ranked as the seventh largest freshwater lake by volume area, containing about 2,750 cubic kilometers of water; It’s the main source of River Nile and the White Nile that flows north to Egypt and up to the Mediterranean sea.

The main source of the lake’s water comes from direct rain and small streams and tributaries from the surrounding catchment areas. Lake Victoria has a shoreline of about 3,440Km and over 3000 islands that are shared by the local communities (Kenya 6%, Uganda 45% and Tanzania 49%). Major activities in the region are centered on the Lake and a large population of the local communities depends on it for water, food and economic empowerment.


It is believed that in 1160 AD, the Arab traders were the first to discover and put up records of the lake, and a British explorer John Hanning Speke, was the first European to sight the Lake; He named the lake after the queen of England at the time, Queen Victoria

Activities and Attractions

  • Fishing and Lake excursion
  • Trek to see the Ancient Rock Art on Mfangano Island
  • To relax on the shoreline and unwind at the end of your safari holiday
  • The Luo culture and tradition tour
  • Bird watching trips
  • Water-sports

Other nearby Attractions

Other attractions within Kisumu city include Kibuye Market, the Kisumu Museum, an Impala Sanctuary, a bird sanctuary, Hippo Point, and the nearby Kit Mikaye, Ndere Island National Park, Kakamega forest national park and cultural visit to Kagelo Village (President Obama’s ancestral home) among others.


There is a wide range of accommodation around Lake Victoria; from the luxury top end safari lodges, the authentic and Eco friendly African Safari Camps, hotels and private secluded Island Lodges to the traditional Campsites. Contact our holiday planner, to find you accommodation that suits you.

Getting there

From Nairobi, Lake Victoria can be accessed via Kisumu or other smaller towns surrounding the Lake. In Uganda it can be accessed via Jinja, Kampala, Entebbe and other smaller towns along the Lake’s shoreline. In Tanzania it can be accessed via Mwanza, Musoma, Bukoba and other smaller towns along the region.

Kenya and Uganda Tour

Kenya and Uganda Tour

Kenya and Uganda Tour

This is an 18 days safari holiday itinerary, taking you through major tourist destinations in Kenya and Uganda. This includes the famous Masai Mara National reserve, Lake Nakuru, Kibale Forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Forest, Lake Mburo, Lake Victoria and finally to the white sandy

Tour Cost From

$ 4,370

Booking Details

Birds Watching Safari

Birds Watching Safari

Birds Watching Safari

This a 7 days pure Lake and Birds watching safari holiday in Kenya, that starts and ends in Nairobi; the tour begins by visiting Lake Naivasha to watch the lake and the beautiful birds, then proceed to Lake Nakuru, Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria and wind up at Lake

Tour Cost From

$ 1,570

Booking Details

Map of Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria tour map