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Car Hire in East Africa

Kentz Safaris is also known for its wide range of quality business and holiday car rental services; we offer a wide range of safari 4WD cars, mini buses, trucks, vans, saloon cars and prestige cars all over east Africa. Our rental cars are offered either on self drive or on driven services, and the cars can be dropped off or picked from an agreed venue in east Africa. Other services include airport and hotel transfers.

We are a proud car rental partner to well established car rental companies in East Africa, Check out some of our rental car deals below or talk to one of our holiday experts, to find you a car of your choice.

Car for Hire

Kentz Safaris offers you a wide range of car choices, from small airport transfer and business trip saloon cars to the big safari overland trucks and open roof Land rovers and Land cruisers; we have quality vehicles at a perfect price just for you. Below are some of the cars for hire.
 Kindly note that, not all cars are displayed on our website, feel free to contacts us for other types of vehicles.

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Prestige Rentals


Car hire in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

Car Rental in East Africa

Having a rental car on holiday can save you the hassle to sorting out transfers and gives you the freedom to really explore your destination.

Whether it’s a Safari holiday, a business trip, a city tour, beach vacation or a weekend road trip to the rural areas; Kentz Safaris offers you a car of your choice, from small saloon cars to the big open roof Land rovers and Land cruisers, we have quality vehicles at a perfect price just for you.

Our Car Rental Location

Our car rental services are within east Africa and can be extended to other African countries upon proper agreement, we operate in most major towns either directly or through our well established car rental partners.

The major towns include Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kampala, Entebe, Arusha, Dar es Salam, Zanzibar among other town in east Africa. Other popular destinations include Masai Mara, Serengeti national reserve, Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro, Samburu and Amboseli national park, Lake Victoria and Lake Malawi, Victoria Falls, down to Kruger national park in South Africa.

What to look for before hiring a car in Africa

  • Besides the cost, other important tips are the size of the car; does it have enough space for all of you and the language.
  • How good or familiar are you with the local roads; do you really need a driver or a tour guide.
  • If it’s a tropical area with high temperatures, you need to think of a car with a good air conditioning system.
  • Purpose of the car, for safari holiday and off road trips; you need a high raised 4WD car that can stand the rough roads and terrains.
  • Car insurance and other licenses, check if the car has all the required road licenses and insurance.
  • Extra cost; ask the car rental company for any extra cost like fueling policy, damages cost, driver allowances if any, legal fees and taxes.

Africa Driving Tips

  • Check if you have a valid driving license and confirm if it’s valid to drive with it.
  • Ask about any weird or extra road regulations and by-laws that are not familiar to you, like speed and drink driving limits.
  • Check for all the legal required car items like first aid box, the road safety signs, fire extinguishers, reflective jackets and so on.
  • Fuel in large towns; fuel is more expensive in rural and remote areas, compared to towns and cities.
  • Make sure you fill the damage form and notify the office of any damages on the car before hiring it.
  • For right or Left driving side, remembering to stick to the correct side of the road and do some homework to study the road sign if they are in different language.

Payment and Car Deposits

The car hire payments are done before picking up the car. For self-drive, a refundable deposits might be are required depending with your destination and use of the car.

Before and After Customer Service

We usually; arrange with our customers for free car delivery and collection services anywhere within major towns in east Africa or Airport. We also have a 24 hours customer service support line

General Rental Terms

Kindly note that our general car rental terms and conditions are just addition to the country laws and maybe supplemented by certain car rental laws specific to the country you are renting the car, please also note that the general terms vary in different countries.

Car Hire Requirements

Driving License:  for self-drive; A full and valid driving license is required with a minimum of 3 years’ experience. Licenses issued overseas must be clearly identifiable as a driving license and valid in the country you intend to hire the car; otherwise an International Driving License is required. Also the license must be authorized to drive the category or class of vehicle you intend to hire. You must also be able and physically permitted to drive the type of car you intend to hire.

Care of the Vehicle

  • You must be able to take care of the Vehicle, keep it in good repair and condition, pay any fines for which you may be liable, reimburse Kentz Safaris for any damages on the Vehicle, and refund Kentz Safaris for any costs it incurs.
  • You are liable for all fees, taxes, fines and penalties incurred in connection with the use of the Vehicle and for which Kentz Safaris is charged, unless they have arisen through the fault of Kentz Safaris.
  • During the rental period you must carry out the usual checks (engine oil level, filters, cooling water, tyre pressure, etc.) as would any careful user and you must respect the maintenance cycle of the Vehicle as stated in the maintenance guide, if any.
  • When parking the Vehicle, even for a short period, you undertake to lock it and make use of the Vehicle's alarm and/or immobilization equipment. You must never leave the Vehicle unoccupied with the keys in the ignition.
  • You undertake to use the Vehicle in a responsible manner and in particular, only for the purposes it was hired for.
  •  You must only refuel the Vehicle with the correct type of fuel and if you hired the car with a full fuel tank, you must return it with a full fuel tank, else you will be charged for an equivalent cost for re-fueling.
  • NOTE: - You will be liable for any offense committed during the rental period which relates in any way to your use of the Vehicle, as if you were the owner of the Vehicle. Upon the request of the Police or any official body Kentz Safaris may have to transfer your personal data. Such transfer will be done in accordance with the data protection Laws of the country of rental.

What to Avoid

  • Driving the Vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other type of narcotic or illegal substances.
  •  Transportation of inflammable or dangerous goods, as well as toxic, corrosive, radioactive or other harmful substances.
  • Transportation of overweight goods, damaging the car’s roof rack, luggage carrier or similar.
  • Sub hiring the car, giving out the car to other drivers, carrying passengers for hire or reward, participating in rallies, car competitions or trials.
  •  Giving driving lessons, pushing or towing another vehicle (except those vehicles equipped with a towing-hook and the maximum load must be 1,000 kg).
  • Avoid breaking any Highway Code, road traffic laws or any other laws.

Maintenance / Mechanical Problems

  • You must stop the Vehicle if any of the car’s instrument or warning lights indicates a mechanical problem, or if you notice anything else which may indicate the presence of a mechanical problem.
  • The Vehicle has been provided to you with a full set of tyres in good condition. In the event that any of them is damaged for any reason other than normal wear and tear, you undertake to replace it immediately at your own expense with a tyre of the same dimensions, type and wear characteristics.
  • The fees and expenses of any repair undertaken without the order of Kentz Safaris will not be reimbursed to you.
  • You must inform Kentz Safaris; of all accidents, damages or breakdowns of the car, even those which may already have been repaired, when you return the Vehicle. You will remain liable for any damages to Kentz Safaris.
  • Note: - In any case, neither Kentz Safaris LTD nor its directors, officers or employees will be liable to you for any loss or damage (including but not limited to loss of profit or earnings...) nor, to the extent permitted by the Law, for indirect consequential damages whether your action is based on contract or in tort.

Breakdown Assistance

For genuine breakdown that is not as a result of careless driving or maintenance from you, you are entitled for breakdown and repair or a car exchange within 24 hours at no extra cost.

Rental Period

  • You undertake to return the Vehicle to Kentz Safaris at the agreed place, on the date and at the time indicated on the rental agreement.
  • The rental duration is calculated on the basis of indivisible periods of 24 hours, starting from the time the Vehicle is made available. However, a 30 minute grace period is applied at the end of the rental before the start of a new 24-Hour period.
  • For period extension, you must first communicate to Kentz safari will in advance, then depending with your location, will agree on how to fill your rental extension agreement.  
  • The end of the Rental period is defined by the return of the Vehicle, its keys and in good condition to Kentz Safari rental counter or at an agreed location. This must be done to an authorized Kentz Safari LTD employee and you must confirm with the office before handing over the car.

Accident, Theft or Confiscation

In the event of measures by third parties, including attachment, confiscation or impounding of the Vehicle, you must immediately inform Kentz Safaris in writing. Kentz Safaris LTD will then be entitled to take all measures which it deems necessary to protect its rights. You will be liable for all damage, cost and/or expenses associated with the above measures and for any direct, indirect, consequential damages (such as loss...) to the Vehicle unless it is demonstrated that Kentz Safaris LTD is directly responsible for such confiscation or impounding of the Vehicle.

The above actions will automatically terminated your contract and  Kentz Safaris LTD will have no responsibility for loss, theft, robbery or damage of whatever nature relating to objects and/or utensils transported or which are found in the Vehicle including, in particular, baggage and/or goods.

Terms of Payment

All car rental payments are fully paid prior to the start of the rental and if payment is by credit card, an authorization will be requested prior to the start of the rental.


All our vehicles are insured with a comprehensive cover, however in case of any careless or neglect caused by you, you will be liable of any excess cost, loss or damages.


Therefore in any case, neither Kentz Safaris LTD nor its officers, directors, employees will be liable to the contracting party for any amounts nor for any actions, law suits or claims related to any direct, indirect, consequential, punitive damages (such as loss of business, loss of profit) arising out of or in connection with the rental or the use of any vehicle whether the action is based on contract or in tort. You will indemnify and hold Kentz Safaris LTD harmless from all claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses arising out of the rental and/or the use of the vehicle.

Data Protection

Kentz Safaris LTD will treat all personal information you give us, as strictly confidential and no personal information will be made available to third parties, unless obliged to do so by law or legal process.