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Shopping in Uganda

There are lots of places to shop in Uganda; in any of the big towns and cities, you would easily find well stocked shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks and ATMs, foreign exchange bureau, cinema halls, nice restaurants, bars and open air markets. Below are some of the tips and major places to shop in Uganda.

If you are interested in African artifacts and souvenirs, you can Contact us for special arrangements.

 Shopping in Uganda

Shopping in Uganda

Uganda has many regions with various traditions and cultures, each region have its own unique local products, that they produce to earn them a living as well as to show case their rich historical background. One of the ways to promote and keep memories of the rich African traditions, is to buy this traditional artifacts, jewelry and bead-work, carvings, precious stones, furniture,ceramic art and pottery, traditional clothing and textiles, music and music instruments, art work and paintings among others.

No holiday would be complete without taking home some of this African souvenirs and gifts back home. The creativity of the local people and the diversity of cultures ensures that there is something to suit every taste and budget, you will be spoiled of choice.

Shopping Tips

  •  Bargaining is a norm and part of doing business in most countries in Africa; so if you are planning to shop, then be prepared to bargain. Normally after the seller gives you his offer, you need to assess the item and respond with a counter offer that you feel is fair, it should be between 60% - 90% of the initial offer.

  •  Deforestation and environmental, if you are planning to buy wood carvings and you love the environment then you need to think about this issue, in order to sustain both industries we need to encourage carvings made from renewable trees such as the Jacaranda, Neem, Mango, Blue Gum, and Grevillea, and avoid carvings made from indigenous trees such as Ebony trees, Mahogany, Rosewood and Olive wood.

  •  Avoid illegal raw material; insist and avoid items made from illegal raw material such as ivory, rhinoceros horns, snake skin among others.

 Shopping in Kampala, Uganda

Shopping in Kampala

Kampala City is the capital city of Uganda and probably the best place to shop for African souvenirs, gift and house decorations in Uganda, the City prides itself in having many diverse Shopping malls, open air markets, array of shops, banks, nice hotels and restaurants.

Shopping Malls

Kampala has a good number of excellent shopping malls with modern supermarkets, medical centers, banks and ATMs, foreign exchange bureaus, bars and restaurants, cinema halls, cafés among other branded shops. The most popular shopping malls in Kampala would include massive Garden City Mall on Yusuf Lule road , Lugogo shopping mall along the Lugogo By-Pass road, Acacia Mall on Acacia avenue and Freedom City Mall along the Kampala - Entebbe road. Notable supermarkets within this malls include Nakumatt supermarket, Uchumi supermarket, Game supermarket, Capital shoppers, Payless and array of other branded shops.

Kampala Markets

The open air markets in Kampala offer shoppers a wide range of animal carvings and sculptures, souvenirs, traditional fabrics, beaded jewelry, pottery, woven baskets and paintings. There are several good local markets featuring products from Uganda and other parts of Africa, this include the famous Owino market; locally known as the Balikuddembe market, its Uganda’s busiest and largest market with various African cultural souvenirs and decorations, new and second hand cloths, fresh foods, household appliances amang many other products in Uganda. Other major markets and shops in Kampala include the Uganda Crafts 2000 Limited on Bombo road, the Banana Boat on Cooper road, Exposure Africa on 13 Buganda road, Aristoc book store at the Acacia Mall, Gerald’s Antiques on Pilkington road and Nakasero Market.


Kampala offers a wide range of restaurants where guest can enjoy a choice of well prepared and beautifully presented dishes from different parts of the world, for a nice international cuisine you can visit the Le Chateau on Ggaba road, the Fez Brasserie and Mamba Point on 27 Akii Bua road, La Fontaine on Kira road, Mediterraneo on 31 Acacia Ave, among many others.

For African cuisine, steaks and barbeques you can visit the Tuhende Safari Lodge on 8 Martin Rd in Old Kampala, the Lawns on 34 Impala Ave, New City Annex Hotel on 7 Dewinton road and Mama Ashanti on 20 Kyadondo road, among many others.

Shopping and restaurants in Entebbe

Shopping in Entebbe

Entebbe is a famous town, located on the southeastern parts of Uganda, about 37Km from Kampala City. The beautiful Lake Victoria, the historical attractions and the friendly environment; makes Entebbe a major tourist destination. Entebbe was initially used as capital town by the colonial government until the independence when it was moved to Kampala, today there are still notable government offices, the president official residences(State House) and the international airport.

Entebbe is a small town, with just a short drive or a stroll through the main streets of the town; you will see a couple of supermarkets, Banks, ATM’s, open air markets, gift shops, medical centers, restaurants, cafes, curio shops among others. Notable shopping mall include Victoria Shopping Mall; the mall has over 30 branded shops, among them is a supermarket, restaurants, bar, cafes, ATM's, Banks, foreign exchange bureaus, medical centers among many others.

Beside the lines of shops along the Airport and Portal road; the town also has wonderful places to do your shopping. For tourist wishing to buy souvenirs, gift and house decorations; many of the major Lodges and hotels also have well stocked gift shops.

For fine dining in Entebbe you can visit the Faze 3 Restaurant on Airport road, Gately Inn Entebbe on 2 Portal road, Imperial Resort Beach Hotel on Mpigi road, Ciao Bella on Alice Reef road, Thammaphon Thai Restaurant on Manyago road and Anna's Corner on 1 Station road among many others.

Other Shopping places and restaurants in Uganda

Other places to shop


Jinja is a small town in southeastern of Uganda, about 90Km from Kampala city and the second busiest commercial center in the country, after Kampala; there are lots of wonderful small shops along the main roads. For guests wishing to shop for souvenirs, gift and house decorations; they can visit one of the shops along the major roads, visit the Kilombera Workshop for the traditional cloths and other colourful cotton textiles, Park Davis Arts " Crafts Shop for African artwork and paintings.

For fine dinning and restaurants in Jinja; you can visit Source Cafe on 20 Main Street, Flavours on 12 Main Street, Two Friends on 6 Jackson Cres, Jinja Sailing Club on Pier road, Leoz on 11 Main Street, Gately on Nile on 47 Nile Cres and Black Lantern among many others.

Fort Portal

Fort Portal is a small town in western Uganda, it's more of a hub to various attractions in western Uganda. Fort Portal has lots of wonderful small shops along it's main roads, that guests can shop for fresh food, personal items, souvenirs, gift and house decorations.

For fine dinning and restaurants in Fort Portal; you can visit the Dutchess on 11 Mugusrusi road, the Gardens along Lugard road, among many others.