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Birding in Tanzania

Major birding in Tanzania is found in northern and western parts of Tanzania, this include; the Lake Victoria region, Serengeti eco system, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, around Mount Kilimanjaro, around West Usambara Mountains and along the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. Check out some of our sample birding packages below or contact one of our holiday expert, to plan your birding tour in Tanzania.

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Where to find which birds

Major birding in Tanzania is done along the Great Rift Valley, there are several lakes, rain-forests and rivers that provide great conditions for bird foraging and breeding. Lake Manyara, Lake Natron, Lake Eyasi and Lake Tanganyika are well known as home to a large number of Greater and Lesser Flamingos, herons, egrets, Kingfishers, geese, storks, eagles, cranes, African fish Eagle, Cranes, kingfisher, Bustard among many others. On Lake Victoria you will sport birds such as Papyrus Gonolek, Hammerkops, Herons, and Jacanas, pelicans, long tailed cormorant, little bittern, heronegrets, storks, sacred ibis and gallinules.

The wildlife national parks are home to a good number of birds who hugely depend on the predator making a kill, so they can feed on the leftovers and the dead animals; this include birds such as the Eagles, Vultures, Scavengers and many others. On the highlands you will spot the endangered bird’s species like the Sharpe’s Long claw, Ox-peckers, snowy white Egrets, brilliant Sunbird, bustards, Green Ibis, Rufous Sparrowhawk, Mountain Buzzard, Crowned Eagle, Bronze-naped Pigeon, Red-fronted Parrot, Hornbills,Tinker birds, Abyssinian Ground Thrush, Sharpe's Long claw and Chestnut-winged Starling. And on the woodlands, you'll easily spot birds species such us the Bee-eaters, Drogues, Hornbills, Shrikes, the beautiful Lilac-breasted Roller, Barbets, Guinea Fowl and so on.

The best time for Birds watching

The best time for birds watching in Tanzania is between October and April when more than 550 birds species migrate from the Northern hemisphere (Europe and Asia), this when the highest number of birds species are recorded.

Between April and October the birds are fewer, some birds migrate from the Southern hemisphere to Tanzania and it is also the breeding period for most birds. Eagles, Vultures and Scavengers can be easily spotted in large number between January - June in Serengeti national reserve(during the great migration); here the birds come to feeds on the predators leftovers or the dead wildebeest and zebras.

Birds watching Guides

Numerous local birding guides are available near the birding areas or in hotels and Lodges; they are well trained with enough knowledge about the area and best places to spot most birds, using guides increases your chances of viewing more birds’ species.

Although a two or three days birding safari will guarantee you, to view a certain number of species; we usually advice our clients to take longer trips of 7-10 days  in order to view the maximum number of birds species available.

Birds to watch in Tanzania

Tanzania is home to millions of birds, whether you want to spot the flamingos, Ostrich, loverbirds, starlings, weaver birds or other lesser birds; Tanzania is the place to be. Below are some of the top Birds to watch in Tanzania. Contact any of our safari experts to help you plan your dream Birds watching holiday in Tanzania.

Ashy Starling

Tanzania birds watching tour packages

Ashy starling is an East African endemic species, found in open and wooded grassland with baobab trees. Starlings have a large range, with an estimated global Extent of Occurrence of about 140,000 km. It’s endemic in Tanzania and Kenya....

Fischer's lovebird

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The Fischer's lovebird (Agapornis fischeri) is a small parrot species of the Agapornis genus; they have a green back, chest, wings and a golden yellow neck. they are commonly spotted in northwest parts of Tanzania and along Lake Victoria…..

  • Lake Victoria
  • Serengeti
  • Rubondo Island
  • Biharamulo Game Reserve

Red and Yellow Barbet

Tanzania birds to watch

The Red and Yellow Barbet (Trachyphonus erythrocephalus) is a species of African barbet, found in eastern Africa on savannah grassland, woodlands and in scrubland. They often build nests inside termite mounds (termite nests), mud or on sandbanks.


Weaver Birds

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It’s a less gregarious canary that is mostly found alone or in small groups, they are commonly seen on garden searching for vegetable and insects. There are several places to spot weaver birds, this includes....


birds to watch on a safari holiday

It’s one of the most famous birds’ species in Africa; they are part of the ratites family, flightless birds. It’s the tallest and heaviest bird capable of carrying human beings; also used for leather, meat and feathers production.

Hartlaub's Bustard

African birds to watch

It’s very similar to Black-bellied Bustard but it has distinctive marking on the face, they have thick lines and white spots, they are commonly found on dry areas or after rains on the south eastern and central highlands.


Malachite Kingfishers

Types of birds to watch on a hOliday in Africa

They are aquatic birds found on lakes, rivers and vegetation areas; they like feeding on prawns, crabs and insect larvae. Their sexes are similar and they nest in holes, they are said to be monogamous and territorial.

Little Egret

images of birds to watch in Africa

It is one of the six white Egret found in Tanzania, it has black legs and yellow feet; the black bill distinguishes it from the Intermediate and Cattle Egrets. It is commonly found on the northern and eastern parts of Tanzania.

Grey Crowned Crane

 birds watching hotsports in Tanzania

It’s a very beautiful bird that leaves on the wetlands in Tanzania; it is renowned for its elaborate displays where pairs engage in bowing, head bobbing and energetic dancing. It is easily spotted in areas that include:-



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Flamingos are large pink or red-coloured wading birds known for their long legs, they are two types of flamingos, the Greater Flamingo and Lesser Flamingo. They live in estuaries and saline or alkaline lakes.

African Fish Eagle

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It’s a familiar bird found on the sub-Saharan Africa, they are easily spotted on trees at river banks and lakes, they feed on fish, birds, monkeys and crocodile hatchlings. In Tanzania they are found along the Rift Valley.

Saddle billed Stork

Tanzania birds watching destinations

They are wading birds with long legs, long bills, and a striding gait. They are in fact, the tallest stork in Africa. They primarily feed on fish and small reptiles; they are usually spotted on dry areas but near sources of water.


Golden winged Sunbird

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The golden-winged sunbird also known as Nectarinia reichenowi are usually spotted on the highlands of East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda), they mainly feed on nectar and insects.

Martial Eagle

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It is the largest of the African eagles and its incredibly powerful, weighs up to 14 pounds, a wingspan of about 6 feet wide and 32 inches long. They are found in the savannah and thornbush areas in Africa.

Lilac-breasted Roller

places to see birds in Tanzania

It’s one of the most beautiful birds in the world; with its pastel plumage, striking field marks and long tail streamers. Prefer living on open woodland or grassland; feeds on Insects, lizards, snails, amphibians and rodents.


Note: This just a small fraction of birds in Tanzania, on a bird watching or photography tour; be sure to watch hundreads more bird species.


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