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Museums and Zoos in Tanzania

Tanzania is home to several Museums and zoos that were established and run by the government and private organizations. The museums are used to create awareness and educate people about Tanzania’s past and present history, culture, traditions and its rich natural heritage. Below are some of the top national Museums and Zoos in Tanzania.

Museums in Arusha, Tanzania


Arusha is home to a couple of famous national museums and zoos that are well equipped; with informative knowledge about the town’s history and culture, wildlife and how to conserve the environment. Below are some of the top museums and zoos in Arusha.

Natural History Museum

It’s a very educative and wonderful place to visit on your day off or a weekend treat for families, friends and groups. Located in Arusha on Boma road, the museum has a rich collection of Tanzania’s human history and culture evolution, and findings from the famous Olduvai Gorge and the Laetoli footprints. The history of Arusha during the German colonial era, the wildlife and other attractions in the region.

Maasai Cultural Museum

The Masai Cultural Museum is a small museum located within the Meserani Snake Park in Arusha, north of Tanzania. It was established to educate and reserve the rich cultures and traditions of the famous Masaai people. It contains various traditional artifacts, jewelry, carvings, precious stones, furniture, traditional cloths, music, and art work among others.

Arusha Declaration Museum

The Arusha declaration museum, first started as a welfare center for the Kaloleni people in Arusha, later in 1967; the center was used by the ruling Tanganyika African National Union to adopt the Arusha Declaration. In 1977 the center was converted to a political museum to preserve the political related history of Tanzania, from the per-colonial times to present.

Tanzanite Museum

Tanzanite Museum is located in Arusha, it was established to showcase the history and the processes of the blue-purple mineral that was discovered on Mererani Hills in northern Tanzania, late 1960s. Tanzanite as it is called today; is a precious mineral commanding prices high than gold. The museum was established by the Arusha Tanzania Tanzanite Foundation, and consists of an auditorium where people visit to watch videos of the history the precious mineral, learn about the geology, see the rough and finished products of Tanzanite.

Museums in Dar es  Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam has a couple of great national museums and zoos with a rich past and present history of Dar es Salaam and its people; the museums are well equipped with informative knowledge about the town’s history and culture, wildlife and how to conserve the environment. Below are some of the top museums and zoos in Dar es Salaam.

National Museum and House of Culture

It was originally known as the King George V Museum, recently renovated and renamed as National Museum and House of Culture. The museum has a rich collection of Tanzanian-related exhibits; that include the fossils of early humans collected during the Leakey digs, the Tanzanian history in general, the early slavery and colonial rule in Tanzania.

 Village Museum

The Village Museum is a beautiful museum located just 10Km from Dar es Salaam city center; the museum is focused on reserving and showcasing the rich Tanzanian traditional and rural practices, authentic homesteads and villages. Other attractions include the hand weaving artifacts, carving and traditional handicrafts, dances and narratives.

Palace Museum, Zanzibar

The Palace Museum was initially a Sultan's Palace, built in late 19th century. After independence in 1964, it was converted to Peoples palace and used as Government offices and later in 1994 it was established as a museum to preserve the history Zanzibar and the Zanzibari royal family.  

Museums in Dar es  Salaam, Tanzania

Other Museums Tanzania

Below are the other museums in other regions in Tanzania.

Olduvai Gorge Museum

Oldupai Gorge (originally mispronounced as Olduvai) is a famous archaeological site location en route to Ngorongoro and Serengeti national reserve. The Museum is located within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on the edge of the Gorge.

The Museum contains major fossil findings of early hominids, tools, artifacts, Laetoli footprints and fossils of various animals that roamed this area millions of years ago.

Mwalimu Nyerere Museum Center

Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere Museum is located at Butiama village; the birth and burial place of the Father of The nation. It was established in 1999 to reserve and educate people about Tanzania’s first prime minister and president; the museum contains various historical, social and political art works, gift and some of Nyerere’s personal items. A great place to learn about the Tanzanian colonial history, the struggle of independence, how Nyerere formed and ruled the Tanzania.

Sukuma Museum

The Sukuma museum is a unique museum, located in Mwanza; it was established in 1960 by the late Father David Clement, with the aim of reserving the rich history of the Sukuma people (Sukuma is the largest tribe in Tanzania). The museum contains various Sukuma traditional buildings, an exhibition center with various traditional drums, costumes, furniture, art work, a Royal and dancing pavilion.