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Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park is the smallest national park in Tanzania, situated along the Congo – Tanzania boarder, on the northern shore of Lake Tanganyika; the park consists of stream of hills, valleys, Rivers, tropical rain forests and waterfalls. Gombe is famous for its large number of Chimpanzees, beautiful landscapes and primates trekking; a great place to get close to primates, get to know their characters and way of living.

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 Gombe Stream national park safari tour and attractions

About Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park is Tanzania’s smallest park with a surface area of about 52Km2, located about 16Km north of Kigoma in western Tanzania, set against the Mahale mountains along the Great Rift Valley escarpments; the park was established in 1967, after  the famous Jane Goodall established a Chimpanzee research center at Kakombe Valley.

Gombe Stream’s main attraction is obviously the chimpanzee families that are seen freely roaming around the protected park. Major activities are centered on chimpanzee trekking, where guest are guided into the forest to observe and sit with the extraordinary primates as the guide narrate about the primates characters and way of living. Other wildlife include the Velvet and Columbus monkeys, baboons, forest pigs, water bucks, leopards, crocodiles, hippos, antelopes and over 200 bird species.

Attractions and Activities

  • Chimpanzee trekking.
  •  Hiking, swimming and snorkeling.
  • Visit Jane Goodall’s world re-known research station
  • Watch the beautiful Mountains, valleys, waterfalls, streams and Lake Tanganyika along the Rift Valley escarpments.
  • Cultural tour – visiting the nearby fishing villages, the site of Henry Stanley’s famous “Dr Livingstone I presume” at Ujiji near Kigoma, and watch the renowned dhow builders at work

NOTE:- At Gombe Stream National Park, strict rules are in place to safeguard you and the chimps, get ready for long day walks along the wetland forest. Allow at least 2 days in order to exhaust the opportunity to view most wildlife; the primates move around the entire park and require patience and long day walks.


There are a few places to stay in Gombe Stream National Park, this include; Gombe Forest Lodge, Gombe Park Bandas and Gombe Luxury Tented Camp.

When to go

Gombe Stream National Park it’s an all year round park, though it’s important to note that the primates movement is not much in wet season and could be the easiest time to truck them. In Tanzania, the wet seasons are in March through May and November to December.

Getting there

Gombe Stream National Park is only accessible by boat from Kigoma, a boat transfer takes approximately 40 to 90 minutes depending on the weather conditions and the type of boat used. The Park is just 16Km from Kigoma, the best and easiest way is flying from Arusha or Dar Es Salaam to Kigoma, then taking a boat ride to the park; there are scheduled and chartered flights to Kigoma Airport.

Other means to get to Gombe includes a slow rail service from Dar to Mwanza, then a road drive and a boat ride. It is also possible to drive from Dar or Arusha to Kigoma and then proceed to the park; it’s a long tiring drive and not advised.

Gombe Stream National Park Map

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