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Lamu Town

Lamu is the largest town on Lamu archipelago; it’s one of the oldest towns in Kenya with a fascinating history that dates back to the 14th century. Lamu has a mixture of different cultures from the ancient trade (the Arabs, Indians, Africans and the Portuguese); it's a beautiful Island with serene environment, white sandy beaches and a World Heritage Sites.

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About Lamu Town and Beach Holidays

About Lamu

Lamu Town is a small town situated on Lamu Island, about 341 kilometers north of Mombasa; it’s part of the historical Lamu archipelago, the headquarter of Lamu County and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Lamu is believed to be the oldest town in Kenya and one of the original Swahili settlements in East Africa.

Lamu was started as a port town by the Arab traders who used the port for goods and slave trading, the town became a very important landmark along the Northern sea trade route and attracted the invasion of the Portuguese, who took over the control of the town and the trading route between the 15th and late 16th Century, when the Lamu people and the Arab Omani community resisted the Portuguese rule and took over the control of the area until 1885 when the Germans invaded Lamu; took over the control and built a communication center (German post office) to facilitate communication within the German protectorate in Africa. The Germans controlled the area until 1890 when the British colonial rule took over Kenya as a whole and controlled it to its independence in 1963.

The Lamu Archipelago contains several Islands and historical sites that are of significant importance to Lamu county, this includes; Pate Island, Manda Island, Kiwayu, Lamu Island, Lamu Town, Kiunga Marine National Reserve, and Manda Toto.

A holiday trip to Lamu Island has one of the best private romantic experiences, with the few isolated villages, ancient ruins and luxury exclusive resorts that are hidden on the islands. Life just slows down and you feel more relaxed, you spend the long days strolling along the sandy beaches, exploring the town or relaxing on the white sandy beaches.

Attractions and Activities

The major tourist attractions in Lamu includes the Siyu fort, the Lamu old town (a display of unique Swahili architecture and the narrow streets, local homes with the intricately carved wooden doors and grand mosques), tour of the Lamu and Swahili House Museums, the German Post Office Museum, Manda Island, Pate Island to see the Swahili settlement of Shanga, the Lamu Fort and the Lamu Cultural Festival that is celebrated every year in August; a three days celebration of the Swahili culture that involves cultural events and Water sporting activities.

Accommodation and Restaurants

Lamu has a wide range of holiday accommodation, from the luxury top end beach hotels, the authentic and Eco friendly African beach lodges, to Campsites and budget accommodation.

Major hotels and restaurants in Lamu are; Kizingo, Kijani Hotel Lamu, Baytil Ajaib, The Majlis Lamu, Peponi Hotel, The Red Pepper House, Jannat House, Sunsail Hotel, Bahari Hotel, Lamu Palace Hotel and Petey's Island.

When to go

The climate in Lamu is relatively hot and dry throughout the year, there are short rain between late March and May; the best time to visit would be between June and March.

Getting there

Lamu is an island and can be accessed by boat from Mokowe on the mainland and Manda Island, it’s a 4 hours’ drive from Mombasa and a 3 hours from Malindi town. By air, Lamu can be accessed via Manda airstrip.

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7 Days Beach Holiday

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