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Nairobi City

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and the largest city in east Africa, it’s a beautiful city surrounded by major attractions that include wildlife national park, hills, green gardens and forests. A cosmopolitan city with superb environment for business and holiday trips. It's a great place to start your safari holiday in Africa.

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Nairobi city attractions, nairobi national park

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About Nairobi City and tour of Nairobi

About Nairobi

Nairobi is the main commercial and cultural center for East Africa and is among the largest cities in Africa (After Cairo and Johannesburg). It’s located in south-central Kenya about 140 kilometers (87 miles) south of the equator.

Over a century ago, Nairobi was a swampy area where animals from the Masai people grazed and drunk water from, the Masai people named the place Enkare Nyorobi (place of cool water), which later translated to Nairobi. The growth of Nairobi evolved from the Mombasa - Uganda railway construction in 1899, where a main station was constructed and workers settled in the area; the town quickly grew to become the capital of British East Africa in 1907 and eventually the capital city of the republic of Kenya in 1963.

Nairobi has an estimated population of 5 million and has a surface area of about 684 square kilometers. The city is believed to be the main business hub in the region and is home to various companies and organizations that include; major diplomatic embassies, UN offices, Banks, NGO’s among others.

Attractions and Activities

Nairobi being a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, there are lots of activities to cater for all tastes. There are divers places of worship for various religions, museums, parks and picnic sites, bird sanctuaries, cinemas and theaters, art galleries, night clubs, live band concerts, sports facilities, numerous bars and restaurants.

The main tourist attractions in Nairobi include; Nairobi national park, the national museum of Kenya, Bomas of Kenya, David sheldrick elephant orphanage, Karen Blixen, Nairobi snake park, August 7th Memorial Park, playing golf, a visit to the second largest slum (kibera) in Africa, hiking on Ngong hills, a visit to giraffe center where you can feed the giraffe by hands, a visit to the National archives for historical painting and photography, and finally to the Masai market to buy gift and decorations.

Accommodation and Restaurants

There is a wide range of places to stay in Nairobi, from campsites to some of the most luxury hotels on the African continent. Have a look at the ACCOMMODATION section on the right tab for more information.

Nairobi is home to a variety of nice restaurants that offer a wide selection of world class African, Mediterranean, European and Asian Oriental cuisines. Nyama choma (Barbecue) is one of the main dishes eaten on social joints and is somehow part of the Kenyan culture.

Airports and Getting around

Nairobi City is served by two airports; Jomo Kenyatta international airport that is used for domestic and international flights, and Wilson airport that is used for domestic and chartered flights. Both the airports are just within a short distance to the City center.

Getting around Nairobi; there are various public Buses, Shuttles, Taxis, private car hire and rentals. The public transports are all over the city, including the Airports, the city center and its suburbs. The fares vary with the location, time of the day, duration and distance; the fares could be anything from $ 0.50 to 10.

Family Safari Holiday

 Family Safari Holiday

8 Days Family Holiday

This is an 8 days family safari holiday; that starts with a city tour to major attractions in Nairobi, then continue to Ol pejeta private conservancy to view the big five and other lesser animals; and then down to Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha to watch the white

Tour Cost From

$ 2,500

Booking Details

Short Safari Holiday

Short Safari Holiday

5 Days Safari Holiday

This a five days safari holiday taking you through major attractions in Nairobi, then followed by a bird watching tour at Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha, before wind up at the famous Masai Mara. On this itinerary, you will have the opportunity to watch thousands of wildlife that

Tour Cost From

$ 1,070

Booking Details

Luxury Safari Honeymoon

Luxury Safari Honeymoon

7 Days Safari Honeymoon

This a 7 days safari honeymoon, that starts and ends in Nairobi; the holiday begins with a Nairobi city excursion, followed by a short flight to Amboseli National Park to watch Mount Kilimanjaro and the large numbers of elephants, then head down to the famous Masai Mara to

Tour Cost From

$ 3,170

Booking Details

Nairobi Day Tour

Nairobi Day Tour

Tour of Nairobi City

This a one day Nairobi City excursion to major attractions in Nairobi; the trip include visiting Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi National Park, the Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center. It’s a great package, for one day activity and family getaway. This itinerary can be tailored to meet your personal

Tour Cost From

$ 95

Booking Details

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