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Malindi Town

Malindi town is the second largest and famous coastal town in Kenya (after Mombasa), situated about 120Km northeast of Mombasa city. Malindi is home to some of the best beaches, luxury beach hotels, restaurants, cafes and has some of the best diving, snorkeling and surfing destinations in East Africa.

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Tour and holiday attractions in Malindi
What to do in Malindi

What to do in Malindi

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Some of the top end beaches in Malindi.


About Malindi Town and Beach Holidays

About Malindi

Malindi is a major tourist destination along the Indian Ocean, located 120km northeast of Mombasa, just a little south of the equator and has a population of about 150,000 inhabitants. Malindi town is situated along the Malindi Bay at the mouth of the Galana River; it’s the main business center in the region together with Mambrui and Watamu town.

Malindi town come into existence in the 14th Century after the arrival of Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese used Malindi as one of their main trading centers in east Africa, but they were later forced to move further south because of luck of natural harbor in Malindi. These resulted to an economic decline until the 19th Century when the Sultan of Zanzibar reclaimed the area and planted grains and coconut trees for export. Sultan took control of the region until late 1890’s when the British colonial rule took over Kenya as a whole and controlled it, to its independence in 1963.

A holiday trip to Malindi has one of the best private romantic experiences, with a few isolated white sandy beaches, ancient ruins, luxury exclusive resorts and lodges, stunning water sporting destinations, nature walks and sailing trips.

Attractions and Activities

Major activities and attractions in Malindi include relaxing on the white sandy beaches, visiting Malindi marine park, the coral reefs, the Gedi Ruins, mambrui Ruins, the Vasco Da Gamma pillar, the Portuguese chapel, the pillar tombs, the Arabuko Sokoke forest, the snake and crocodile farm, media creek, Hell’s kitchen and the revived architectural industry and carpentry factory.

Other attractions include a tour of Malindi old town; to see the Swahili quarter dating back to 1930−1950, the busy open air market, the Juma’a Mosque (reputedly built on the site where slaves were auctioned weekly until 1873), Watamu Marine National Park among other attractions.

Accommodation and Restaurants

Malindi has a wide range of holiday accommodation, from the luxury top end beach hotels, the authentic and Eco friendly African beach lodges, to Campsites and budget accommodation.

Major hotels and restaurants in Malindi includes; Ocean Beach Resort & Spa, Che Shale, Driftwood Beach Club, Kilili Baharini Resort & Spa, Scorpio Villas, Hotel Melinde, Diamonds Dream of Africa, Lion in the Sun Resort, Sandies Tropical Village and Diamonds Malindi Beach.

When to go

The climate in Malindi is relatively hot and dry throughout the year, there are short rain between late March and May; the best time to visit would be between June and March.

Airports and Getting around

Malindi is served by one airport; Malindi airport that is used for domestic and chartered flights, the airport is just within a short distance to the Town center.

Getting around Malindi; there are various public Buses, Shuttles, Taxis, private car hire and rentals. The public transports are all over the town, including the Airports, the town center and its suburbs. The fares vary with the location, time of the day, duration and distance; the fares could be anything from $ 0.30 to $10.

7 Days Beach Holiday

7 Days Beach Holiday

A Week Sunny Beach Holiday

This a 7 days beach holiday in Kenya, that’s starts by spending some quality time sunbathing on the white sandy beach of Diani. Then proceed to Mombasa for a day on city excursion, before heading to Malindi to continue enjoying the luxury beach stay and beach activities. Diani

Tour Cost From

$ 970

Booking Details

Beach Honeymoon

Beach Honeymoon

7 Days Beach Honeymoon

This a 7 days Beach honeymoon, that starts and ends in Malindi or Lamu; the holiday begins with a Malindi town excursion to historical and major tourist attractions in the region, then proceed to Manda Island; a very remote, secluded island with stunning beaches and top class lodges.

Tour Cost From

$ 2,170

Booking Details

Special Occasion on The Beach

Special Occasion on The Beach

3 Days Beach Special Occasion Tour

This a three days beach holiday, designed for special occasions and can be perfectly adjusted to suite special anniversaries, engagement parties, special birthdays, renew of vows and among other occasions you may have.

Tour Cost From

$ 875

Booking Details

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