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Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is Kenya’s highest mountain (around 5199m) and second highest in Africa after Kilimanjaro, its located in central Kenya along the equator. The Mountain is part of Mount Kenya national park and has beautiful landscapes with woodland and bamboo forest, a few wildlife and birds. A great place for mountain climbing, hiking and nature walks.

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Climbing mount Kenya
A distance view of people climbing Mount Kenya.

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One of the peaks of Mount Kenya

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A group of climbers at the peak of Mount Kenya.

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Mount Kenya distance summit view

About Mount Kenya National Park and Mountain Climbing Holidays

About Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is an ancient mountain, estimated to be over 2.6 million years old; it’s the highest mountain in Kenya, located in central Kenya about ,180 kilometers north of Nairobi. It’s an extinct volcanic mountain whose plug forms what is nowadays known as the peak. It is also used as a sacred place by the local Agikuyu people who visit the mountain when they want to make a sacrifice to their Gods.

Mount Kenya has several summits, the three highest peaks include; Batian which is about 5,199 meters, Nelion which is 5,188 meters and Lenana which is 4,985 meters. The base of the mountain is approximately 96 kilometers wide.

Mount Kenya is part of Mount Kenya national park and attracts over 30,000 enthusiasts every year; either on mountain climbing, hiking, nature walks or on wildlife watching tour. Major wildlife within the park include giant forest hog, tree hyrax, white-tailed mongoose, elephant, black rhinoceros, black-fronted duiker, the Mount Kenya mouse shrew, golden cat, hyenas, plains zebras, king colobus, Sykes and grivet monkey among others.

Climbing Mount Kenya

Lenana peak which is 4985 meters, has straight forward routes and can be easily climbed by anyone who is physically fit, you don’t need any technical skills. But the Batian and Nelion peak which are 5,199 and 5,188 meters respectively require some technical mountaineering and rock climbing skills and equipment. The two peaks are considered to be more technically challenging than Mount Kilimanjaro.

The climb can be completed in 4 long or 5 shorter days. Five days or more are best recommended in order to allow more time for acclimatization.

Best Time to climb

The best time, to climb Mount Kenya is on the dry season; the rainy season around Mount Kenya region are between late March to June and the short rains are in late October to December. You can climb the mountain at any time of the year but the most comfortable time is in January and February, and between July to October.


There are no modern hotels and Lodges within Mount Kenya National Park, only a few campsites and Bandas along the climbing routes. Alternative modern accommodation can be found within a short distance from the park.

Optional Attractions

Getting there

Mount Kenya is 175 Kms from Nairobi and can be accessed by road via Nanyuki-Isiolo road, to use the Sirimon route or Nyeri-Nanyuki road near Naro Moru to use the Naro Moru route, or the the Embu - Meru road to use the Chogoria route. By air, the park can be accessed via Nanyuki airstrip.

Climbing Mount Kenya

 Climbing Mount Kenya

Climbing Mount Kenya

The Naro Moru route is a more straight forward route to climb Mount Kenya; it’s a 5 days /4 night’s itinerary that will take you through the beautiful sceneries of Mt Kenya. The hike will start at Mt Kenya National park main entrance to metro station, then to

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$ 525

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Climbing Mount Kenya

Climbing Mount Kenya

Climbing Mount Kenya

 Sirimoni route is the most common route used to climb Mount Kenya, unless you prefer camping, it is not necessary on this route; accommodation is available in the mountain huts that are found in every stage throughout the hike. Although the route is reasonably good to get to

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$ 785

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Mount Kenya Hotels

Main activities around Mount Kenya, is wildlife and mountain viewing, nature walks and mountain climbing. There are a couple of nice huts and camping sites along Mount Kenya hiking routes and various Lodges and Hotels the surrounding regions. Below are some of the Hotels around Mount Kenya.

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Explore Mount Kenya.


Map of Mount kenya