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Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is an extinct volcanic mountain located in western Kenya, on the Kenyan-Ugandan border. The mountain can be accessed from either side, It has a great peak and interesting trekking routes through the thick forest and moorlands.

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Climbing mount Elgon
A distance view of Mount Elgon.

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The Jackson peak and Wagagai summit.

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Other distance view of Mount Elgon

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A group of climbers on Mount Elgon and the Sipi Falls.

About Mount Elgon and Mountain Climbing Holidays

Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is an extinct volcanic mountain situated in western Kenya along the Kenya –Uganda border. The mountain has the largest volcanic crater in Africa; it is believed to be the oldest volcanic mountain erupting about 20 million years ago. Mount Elgon has a diameter of about 80Km and a height of about 370m above the surrounding plains.

Mount Elgon was once the highest mountain in Africa, towering above Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro; but due to Millennia of erosion it has reduced to the fourth highest in East Africa and the seventh highest in Africa. However, its 4,000 kilometers squared surface area is still the largest base of any volcanic mountain in the world.

Mount Elgon consists of five major peaks, the highest being Wagagai which is 4321 meters above sea level and situated on the Ugandan side. Sudek is the second highest, with a 4302 meters peak and situated just on the Kenya and Ugandan border. Koitobos is 4,222 meters and is on the Kenyan side. The fourth highest is Mubiyi with 4,211 meters and situated on the Kenyan side. Masaba is the last and the shortest peak, with a height of 4,161 meters and situated on the Ugandan side.

Climbing Mount Elgon

The highest peak can be climbed from either the Ugandan or Kenyan side, but the Kenyan route is shorter than the Ugandan route. The climb can be completed in 3 long or 4 shorter days. Five days or more are recommended in order to visit the hot springs and crater.

Other Attractions

Other spectacular sites at Mount Elgon include the mountain caves that attracts nature enthusiasts as well as the wildlife around this area especially the elephants that come to lick salt at the caves, a stunning summits, the crater and the Sipi falls (it’s along the mountains slopes, a very beautiful view). Mount Elgon is also home to a few wildlife that include hyenas, leopards, buffaloes, black and white colobus and over 340 bird species.


There are no modern lodges or tented campsites within the park at the moment. But there are a couple of public Campsites namely the Nyati, Chorlim, Rongai Campsites and a Special Saltlick Campsite. KWS has two bandas namely the Koitoboss Guesthouse and Kapkuro Bandas.

Best Time to Climb

There are two dry seasons around Mount Elgon, One is in mid-December through March, and the other is between June and July. It is highly recommended to climb during the dry season.

Getting there

Mount Elgon is located around 420 kms from Nairobi, by road; the mountain can be accessed by driving through Kitale, where you will branch to a murram road, taking you to the Chorlim Gate. By air, the mountain can be accessed via the park’s airstrip.

Mount Elgon Hotels

Main activities around Mount Elgon, is wildlife and mountain viewing, nature walks and mountain climbing. There are a couple of nice huts and camping sites along Mount Elgon hiking routes and various Lodges and Hotels in nearby regions. Below are some of the Hotels around Mount Elgon.

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Mount Elgon Tour Map


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