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Manda Island

Manda Island is a beautiful hideaway for beach holiday lovers, it’s an island within the Lamu Archipelago, on the northern coastline. Here you can just choose to relax on the beach and enjoy the various Spa treatment on offer or engage in various water sports activities on offer. It's a great place for private and secluded beach holidays, diving and snorkeling tours.

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About Manda Island and Beach Holidays
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Manda Island and Manda Bay Beach holidays

About Manda Island

Manda Island is one of the islands that form the Lamu Archipelago, it’s known for the prosperous 9th century ports of Takwa and Manda town. The island was abandoned in the 19th Century due to lack of fresh water, but resumed to live in 1960 when the government build several concrete water catchment jabias.

To the north of the Island is Manda Bay, a top end Kenyan beach destination; Manda Bay has idyllic calm white sandy beaches, luxury beach accommodation and has plenty of beach activities. A great place for private beach holiday, where you can just relax next to beach enjoying the cool sea breeze or indulge in a deep tissue body massage.

Major Attractions and Activities

Major attractions and activities at Manda Bay are centered around the beach and Ocean excursions; this include relaxing and enjoying various beach treatments, sailing trips to the neighboring Islands, diving and snorkeling tours, swimming, sun-downer candle lit beach dinners, birds watching tours, cultural and historical trips of Lamu, or take a walk up the beach and collect shells and discover caves along the rock pools and cliffs, kite boarding, body board surfing and beach kites.

Beach Accommodation and Restaurants

Manda Bay is well known for its few, but top end beach resorts, this include Manda Dream Villas, Manda Bay Lodge and The Majlis Resort. The three lodges are beautifully designed to offer total privacy on a serene environment; its great place for private beach retreat, wedding, honeymoon and family getaways.

When to go

The climate at Manda Bay is relatively hot and dry throughout the year, there are short rains between late March – May and in November; the best time to visit would be between June and March.

Nearby Shopping Places

Manda Bay is located in the middle of a very remote and secluded area; there are no modern shops or market places nearby; so it’s advisable to buy all your essential items in the major towns before traveling to Manda Bay.

Getting to Manda Bay

The best and easiest way to get to Manda Bay from Nairobi; is flying from Wilson airport to Manda Airstrip or to Lamu airstrip and then take a private boat to the Manda Bay. By road, it would take about 10 hours’ drive from Nairobi to Lamu or 5 hours from Mombasa then take a 30 minutes speed boat ride to Manda Bay.

Booking you Holiday

Feel free to Contact any of our Beach holiday experts, to structure a holiday that suites your requirements.

Beach Honeymoon

Beach Honeymoon

Beach Honeymoon

This a 7 days Beach honeymoon, that starts and ends in Malindi or Lamu; the holiday begins with a Malindi town excursion to historical and major tourist attractions in the region, then proceed to Manda Island; a very remote, secluded island with stunning beaches and top class lodges.

Tour Cost From

$ 2,170

Booking Details

Beach Wedding and Safari Honeymoon

Beach Wedding and Safari Honeymoon

Beach Wedding and Safari Honeymoon

This a 10 days Beach wedding and safari honeymoon in Kenya, the ceremony starts with a city excursion in Malindi, then proceed to Manda Island for the big day and a Masai Mara safari honeymoon. Here you will have a unique style to say " Yes I DO

Tour Cost From

$ 3,670

Booking Details

Manda Island Hotels

Manda Island offers a wide range of romantic honeymoon beach hotels, secluded family Villas, Lodges and resorts; Check out some of our recommended beach hotels below or contact one of our holiday experts, to find you an accommodation that suits you.

Manda Island Map

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