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Watamu Beach

Watamu Beach is just a short distance to Watamu town and 20Km to Malindi Town; Watamu has some of the top diving and snorkeling destination in Kenya (at Watamu Bay, Turtle Bay and Blue lagoon). Other attractions in the region include; visiting the historical Gedi Ruins, Kipepeo Butterfly Farm and sailing tour to watch dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea birds and many others. It’s a quiet and less populated beach that is ideal for low profile and secluded beach holidays.

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About Watamu Beach and Beach Holidays

About Watamu Beach

Watamu beach is a stunning beach located just 20Km south of Malindi town and 120 Km from Mombasa city, a beautiful and isolated beach surrounded by coconut trees, mangrove creeks and a coral reef that form part of the Watamu Marine National Park. The beach has warm water all year round and is a great place for water sporting, private beach holidays and honeymoon.

Watamu Beach has clear and unspoiled waters that attract a rich marine life (Whales, Sharks, Sea Turtle and Manta Rays) and stunning coral reef that are great for diving, snorkeling and fishing tours; its one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in Africa.

Attraction and Activities

  • Serene Environment, Watamu has serene and private environment that is ideal for honeymoon and private holidays.
  •  Watamu Marine National Park; some of the water sport activities available are wind surfing, snorkeling, water skiing, sunbathing and deep sea diving.
  • Close to Tsavo National Park, it is easy to combine a beach and a wildlife safari holiday.
  • Fishing trips
  • Mida Creek; the extensive mangrove forests around Mida Creek, support a huge number of bird species, it is an ideal place for bird-watchers, snorkeling and scuba diving at the mouth of the creek.
  • Bio Ken Snake Farm; a snake parks along the coast.
  • Malindi day excursions to the museums and the historical Gede ruins.

Accommodation and Restaurants

The major hotels and restaurants in Watamu beach are; Tembo Village Resort, Villas Watamu Resort, Blue Bay Cove,   Turtle Bay Beach Club,   Sunflower House, Temple Point Resort, Lonno Lodge Hotel, Jacaranda Beach Ora Resort and many others.

When to go

The climate in Watamu is relatively hot and dry throughout the year, there are short rain between late March and May; the best time to visit would be between June and March.

Airports and Getting around

Watamu is served by one airport; Malindi airport that is used for domestic and chartered flights, the airport is just within a short distance to Watamu.

Getting around Watamu; there are various public Buses, Shuttles, Taxis, private car hire and rentals. The public transports are all over the town, including the Airports, the town center and its suburbs. The fares vary with the location, time of the day, duration and distance; the fares could be anything from $ 0.30 to $10.

Sun Beach Holiday

Sun Beach Holiday

Sun Beach Holiday

This is a 5 days Beach holiday in Kenya, that starts by spending quality time in Mombasa; visiting famous historical sites and attractions, then proceed south to Diani beach, where you will spend most of the time on the beach relaxing, sailing or engaging in any of the

Tour Cost From

$ 970

Booking Details

Special Occasion on The Beach

Special Occasion on The Beach

Special Occasion on The Beach

This a three days beach holiday, designed for special occasions and can be perfectly adjusted to suite special anniversaries, engagement parties, special birthdays, renew of vows and among other occasions you may have.

Tour Cost From

$ 875

Booking Details

Watamu Beach Holiday

Watamu Beach Holiday

Watamu Beach Holiday

This a four days beach holiday in Watamu, the holiday is purely centered on beach vacation with a small historical sites tour of nearby Malindi. Major activities will be relaxing on the beach and enjoying various treatments on offer,swimming, sailing trips, diving and snorkeling excursions, beach walks and

Tour Cost From

$ 1,075

Booking Details

Watamu Beach Map

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