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Beaches in Kilifi

Kilifi is a small coastal town, located between Mombasa City and Malindi town; it is the capital Town of Kilifi County, The town lies on the north bank of Kilifi Creek and sits on the estuary of the Goshi River, to the south of the Creek is the historical Swahili village of Mnarani.

The town is well known for its stunning white sandy beaches and beach sporting activities. Two of the main beaches in Kilifi are Kilifi beach and Bofa beach.

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Beach activities in Kilifi.

 Water sporting at Kilifi Creek, Kenya
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Kilifi Beaches and Beach hOlidays

Kilifi Beach

Kilifi beach is among the best beaches in Kenya, tucked inside the south side of the Kilifi creek; it has a wide portfolio of water-sports activities that include skiing, diving, sailing, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and a diving school for the beginners.

Kilifi is a good place for long quiet stays especially for those with interest in serious water sports, fishing, marine and bird watching.

Bofa Beach

Bofa Beach is another exciting beach, situated north of Kilifi, along the coastline; it’s a beautiful beach, fringed by nodding palm trees that goes on for miles and miles, and it’s gentle warm waters are sheltered by a vast of coral reef. It’s a great place for water sporting activities such as; deep see diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing.

Major Attractions and Activities in Kilifi

  • Gosana Culture and Nature Park: it’s a nature park situated just a short distance from Kilifi town (5kms); it was stated as a rescue center for small and rare wild animals.
  • Mnarani Ruins: an ancient Swahili settlement that dates back to 14th century, situated along the Mombasa-Malindi road. The settlement was destroyed in the 17th century by the warring Galla people. Today the ruins, consists of two mosques and elaborate tombs.
  • Day tour to the Gede Ruins, Vasco da Gama Pillar, Arubuko Soboke Forest and Malindi town excursion.
  • The Kilifi Boatyard that welcomes luxury yachts from all over the world.
  • Major Holiday activities would include; relaxing on the beach and enjoying various water sport, playing golf, swimming, diving, snorkeling, sailing and fishing among many others.

Beach Accommodation and Restaurants

Kilifi has a wide range of holiday accommodation, from the luxury top end beach hotels, the authentic and Eco friendly African beach lodges, to Campsites and budget accommodation.

Major hotels and restaurants in Kilifi includes; Baumontia House, Takaungu House, Mnarani House, Baobab Sea Lodge, Fig Tree House, Araliya House, Kilifi Bay Resort, Makuti Villas Resort among others.

When to go

Kilifi county is generally warm throughout the year, with temperatures ranging between 21°C during the coldest months (June and July) and 32°C during the hottest months (January and February). The long rains are in April to June and short rains between Octobers to December.

Airports and Getting around

Kilifi is about 55Km from Mombasa or Malindi town, by road it’s about 45minutes drive. And by air, Kilifi can be accessed by small airlines and charter flights via Vipingo Ridge airstrip.

Getting around Kilifi, the public Buses and Shuttles are not reliable; it’s advised to take Taxi or private car hire/rentals, the fares vary with the location, time of the day, duration and distance; the fares could be anything from $ 5 to $ 50.

Booking you Holiday

Feel free to Contact any of our Beach holiday experts, to structure a holiday that suites your requirements.

Sun Beach Holiday

Sun Beach Holiday

Sun Beach Holiday

This is a 5 days Beach holiday in Kenya, that starts by spending quality time in Mombasa; visiting famous historical sites and attractions, then proceed south to Diani beach, where you will spend most of the time on the beach relaxing, sailing or engaging in any of the

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$ 970

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Hotels in Kilifi

Find your beach holiday accommodation in Kilifi, a less crowded area with top luxury beach-front hotels and resorts for couples, honeymooners, groups friends and families. Kilifi beach offers a wide range of accommodation; from the Luxury 5 star beach hotels, resorts, Lodges family Villas, to budget Camps and Hostels.Check out some of our recommended hotels below or contact one of our holiday experts, to find you an accommodation that suits you.

Kilifi Map

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