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Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is a unique park located in northern Tanzania near Arusha town; although not as famous as the neighboring Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, it’s an interesting place to include on a northern safari circuit. On dry season, Tarangire River attracts a huge number of wildlife in search of food and water; a great place to stop for a day or two before heading north to Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater.

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 National parks in Tanzania, Tarangire National Park

About Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is the sixth largest national park in Tanzania, located about 118 Km south west of Arusha, it covers an area approximately 2,850 square kilometers and is famous for its huge number of elephants, baobab trees and the tree climbing African pythons. The park’s name originated from the Tarangire River that crosses through the park and being the only source of water on dry seasons, it attracts a good number of wildlife.

On a normal tour at Tarangire National Park, you would easily spot huge herds of over 400 elephants strolling from the Maasai steppe to the Tarangire River in search of water or striping off the huge baobab tree backs. Other major wildlife includes; the thirsty migrating Wildebeest, Zebra, Eland, Hartebeest, Buffalo, Oryx and many more.


  • Wildlife watching either on open roof 4x4 cars, on walking or on flying in safari
  • Guided walking safaris and cultural tour to the local Maasai and Barabaig villages, as well as to the hundreds of ancient rock paintings in the vicinity of Kolo on the Dodoma Road.
  • Photography and Bird watching.
  • Picnic and special bush meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • Exploring the beautiful hills, Rivers and woodland forests.
  • Relaxing in some of the top end safari lodges and camps.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to spot most wildlife at Tarangire National Park is on the dry season; animal are easily spotted on the open plains near the river or water holes in search of food and water. In Tanzania the dry season are between January-March and July-October, this is the best time to spot wildlife. April, May and November are considered to be shoulder season with lesser wildlife compared to the high season. Bird’s watching is best in October - February.

Accommodation and Restaurants

There is a wide range of places to stay or dine in Tarangire National Park, from the luxury top end hotels and resorts, to the authentic and Eco friendly African Safari Camps, lodges and budgeted hotels. Have a look at the ACCOMMODATION section on the right tab for more information.

Getting there

Tarangire National Park is about 118km from Arusha Town, it takes about 2½ hours by road or a 25 minutes flight from Arusha or Serengeti national reserve. Most part of the road is okay except a small section which is on a dirt/Murram road; there are daily scheduled/chartered flights from Arusha and Serengeti.

Northern Circuit Safari Tour

Northern Circuit Safari Tour

9 Day Tanzania Safari

This a nine days safari holiday, exploring the best of Serengeti National Park,Tarangire, Ngorogoro Crater and Lake Manyara national park; to watch the stunning landscapes and wildlife. It’s a great itinerary for wildlife and nature lovers, additional attractions would include passing by the Olduvai Gorge and a distant

Tour Cost From

$ 1,900

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Hotels in Tarangire

There are plenty of Safari Hotels, Lodges, Tented camps and Camping sites in Tarangire national park; accommodation ranges from top luxury 5 star hotels, private excluded bush lodges to budgeted camping sites. Whether it’s a wildlife watching safari, photography tour or birds watching safari in Tanzania ; there is always accommodation for you. Check out our recommended hotels below or contact our holiday expert to find accommodation that suits you.

Tarangire National Park Map

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