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Giraffe Center

Giraffe Center, Kenya

The Giraffe Center is a wildlife conservancy located in Karen, approximately 10Km from Nairobi city center. It’s a Non-Profit making organization whose main objective; is to protect the endangered Rothschild giraffe, conserve its inhabitant and provide conservation education for school children and the youth of Kenya.

The Center was established by Jock Leslie-Melville and his wife Betty in 1979, when they rescued a baby giraffe and started a small breeding center that has evolved to the current Giraffe Center (a World famous Wildlife and Nature Education Centre).

The center also has over 100 acres of indigenous forest that attracts a couple of bird species and other lesser wild animals, a nature sanctuary, a gift shop, luxury accommodation at Giraffe Monor, a giraffe feeding platform and nature trails.


Giraffe Manor is a beautiful 1930s boutique hotel, nicely designed on a 12 acres piece of land and surrounded by indigenous forest. One of the fascinating thing about Giraffe Manor is that guest can get close and interact with Rothschild Giraffes that visit the hotel every day in the morning and evening. Giraffe Manor is an ideal place for family and small group holiday.

Major Attractions

  • The main attraction is getting close to the endangered Rothschild giraffe, feeding them and learning about them.
  • The Indigenous Forest with various tree species, vegetation and wildlife.
  • A Nature Trail to watch more Giraffes, the bird species and other lesser wildlife.

Other nearby Attractions

Getting there

Giraffe Center is about 10Km from Nairobi city center, just off the Karen road. The Museum is open to the public every day (9.30 am to 6pm) including weekends and public holidays.